Encouragement and Inspiration for Us, The Starry-Eyed Photography “Noobs”

While shopping the local camera store, I happened to overhear a teenage-looking customer inquiring about some gear. He wanted a certain type of lens, but was actively rueing the fact that the lenses his friends were using cost more than he was able to spend. He asked to see a lens he could afford, listened […]

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“And this is where I’d like to send a message to kids like him, who may have recently discovered photography and are finding themselves bombarded by an online culture of gear worship.

If you’re just starting out, ignore everything and everyone. Shoot whatever you want, however you want. Ignore the “show your gear” posts that populate the most popular forums. Don’t worry about the fact that your friends have a lens with a capital “L” or a red “T-star” painted on it. Don’t compare your gear to the gear of others, especially when those others might be Instagram personalities, money-making photojournalists, or studio fashion shooters with twenty years of experience.”


I <3 Mom

Brooke Cagle1. You make sure your purse is fully equipped with ‘things’ you may or may not need but you take it with you just in case. 2. You have to start your day with vitamins. 3. You start complaining about things; the music is too loud, the food is not cooked well, the room…

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