Resolution Week 1

Resolution Week 1

First off I’m usually awful at doing things like this, but this year it feels different. It feels – natural πŸ™‚

When it comes to resolutions I tend to set massive, very specific goals that I easily fall short of within a few weeks. Thankfully this year has started out on the right note.

A simple “deciding of” rather than “resolving to” and “wanting to” taking place of “needing,” for some odd reason, has made it easier.

As far as I can be I want go vegetarian, eventually transitioning to vegan (while avoiding as much dairy, sugar, and gluten as possible).

My reason for this is mainly all the lovely benefits:
– healthier organs
– more energy
– maximum nutrients
– taste buds readjusting to experience full flavors in veggies/fruit
– enhanced immune system
– weight loss
on and on and on they go! πŸ™‚
And major bonus: minimizing the risk for diseases that have sprung up in the lives of my amazing grandparents.

Living in Texas makes it a bit challenging, living in the city makes it a bit easier, living on a tight budget makes it financially smarter.

The most wonderful bit about it is that with God’s help I know I can do it.

Since I finished (for the first time beginning to end!) my favorite journal last year I’ll be using this as a sort of food diary to post when I can.

This week has consisted of:

– Apples
– Kale
– Carrots
– Limes

– Cucumber

– Hearty Vegetarian Chili w/ extra cilantro
– (on the transition day) Lean Turkey Black Bean Chili/Chili Blanco
– 3 slices cheese pizza (and 4-5 pepperonis – eek!)
– A chai cupcake (mega sugar and gluten gift haha)

– Banana, Coconut milk, and strawberry smoothie

Snacking On:
– Carrots

– Edamame Hummus

– Some Gluten-Free cracker-but-definitely-not-cracker thing from Trader Joe’s?

Drinking: Water, Peppermint, Green, and Chamomile Tea in place of usual coffee binge (slipped a Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Frap – another gift from a generous friend! Eeh!)

Honestly I feel pretty great. My body seems to be doing its detox thing already, and hopefully with the next paycheck I can buy more in-season fruit/veggies in bulk to keep costs down and veg/fruit meals in!

I’m also starting up classes again on Monday, which thankfully includes a (hopefully) fabulous nutrition course. So stoked.

That’s it for now! Have a happy weekend!


The friendly introvert 20-something

P.S. – Anyone know how to turn off the large one line spacing?


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