3 Phrases Christians Should Quit Relying On

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Jayson D. Bradley

Sometime I cringe when I listen to Christians talk (myself included). Here are a couple phrases it wouldn’t hurt to hear less.

1. “God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.”

When someone’s going through a rough time, it’s a struggle to say the right thing. But it is always appropriate to say nothing. In fact, Scripture encourages people to “mourn with those who mourn.” (Romans 12:15) You cannot rub the salve of magic words on someone’s hurts to make their pain go away.

If you absolutely have to say something, make sure it isn’t philosophically empty, spiritual nonsense. Telling someone that “God never gives you more than you can handle” is wrong on many levels.

  • It’s not biblically accurate: You’re going to have a hard time finding this little gem in the Bible (or any similar sentiment for that matter). I am convinced that Scripture is  full of…

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Pass it by

There are so many things in life that have beautiful surprises, and even the worst of situations have a glimmer of hope.

However, there are some things that really should simply be passed by.

“Just say no” works too, but, some things are not even worth addressing.

Like diet drinks, artificial flavoring, bad coffee, and pointless gossip – why join in? Why give the unnecessary time and thought when there are so many other things to give time and thought to? JUST PASS IT BY! Image

(P.S. I am not the genius who made or owns this image) 😉

Oh! And by the way, whoever made this gem:


You’re brilliant, let’s have a healthy dose of fabulous conversation and good coffee sometime.

“I offered them Christ” [repost]

Christ the Truth

Preaching-George-WhitefieldThat was how Wesley and Whitfield would describe their evangelistic efforts.  Sounds so simple: just offer them Christ.

And it’s so joyous too.  Nothing brings home to me the graciousness of my Lord as much as offering Him to others.  The availability of Jesus is so tangible when you just lift Him up before people and say “Want Him?  He’s yours.”

But it’s so easy to fall short of it.

Here’s how:

* We offer them “cool” not Christ

We spend our time reassuring people that they don’t have to be a geek to be a Christian.  Christians can be trendy too.

* We offer them “credibility” not Christ

We spend all our time reassuring people that they don’t need to be brainless to be a Christian.  Christians can be clever too.

* We offer them a creed not Christ.

Creeds are essential, I’m not suggesting we can divorce the…

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The Majestic Beauty of…Texas?

The Majestic Beauty of...Texas?

Today I am facing a massive amount of homework, a pile of work projects, and a house that desperately needs cleaning.

During my short moments of “down time” what do all of these pressures turn to?
Thinking about the beauty of Texas, of course!

Texas? What on earth is beautiful about Texas? Well, I was of the exact same mindset for many, many years.

Having grown up in a fairly small town within the gargantuan state, I develope a disenchantment with the flat plains around me, the fields, the mass of open sky – and certainly with the heat (that remains mostly unchanged!).

However, after leaving and coming back, I’ve found I’m looking at things in this part of the country differently.  The plains really aren’t so flat. The mass of open sky gives way to the most gorgeous showcase of sunrises and sunsets almost every day. Even the heat doesn’t seem so miserable! (A modern day miracle largely due to a few weeks spent in the Amazon.)

If anyone ends up reading this, I encourage you to take that second glance also and discover all the beauty around you that can be so easily forgotten through the years. There really is beauty everywhere, sometimes you simply have to take a longer look!

Much love,

Your Local 20-Something

All images taken by me

P.S. – Apologies for the shoddy writing, “down time” is running out and thoughts are racing back to today’s major priorities!